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Raleigh Mobile Notary operates conveniently out of Raleigh and aims to deliver rapid, reliable notary services to customers throughout the Wake County area and beyond.

I can notarize any document, whenever and wherever you need, and will do everything I can to meet your mobile notary expectations while providing you with the services you need in your situation. Call or text me anytime at 919-600-7689.

Quick and Thorough Mobile Notary Services

There are many points in your life when you will need the services of a notary in Raleigh, NC. Often, these will coincide with important, pivotal moments that demand quick action. Whether the transferring power of attorney, transferring an auto title to a prospective buyer or signing on the dotted line of a property transfer, Raleigh Mobile Notary is ready to help you proceed with confidence.

As a mobile notary with years of experience, I work swiftly to ensure all of your legal documents are properly in order and that you are ready to move forward in your circumstance in which you need them.

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Because I am a mobile notary local to right here in Raleigh, NC, I am able to provide services when and where it is needed. I serve a broad range of clients at any location, including at your home, place of business, medical facility, incarceration center or anywhere else.

I always act with professionalism and honesty, going the extra mile for every client to make sure they understand the documents they are signing, and I strive to be your trusted resource for any professional notoriety services. Don’t waste time with the bureaucracy and headaches that come from an institutional notary public. Instead, get service when and where you need it from Raleigh Mobile Notary.

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​Convenient Mobile Notary in Wake County

When you require immediate notary services, Raleigh Mobile Notary is here and always ready to help. I work efficiently to provide the document notarization you need, where and when you need it. I offer great notary and customer service in Wake County, and if you live in any of the neighboring counties then no worries, contact me and let's make an appointment:






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Who is a Notary Public

Notary public's are appointed by the State Government, e.g., Secretary of State, Governor, or Lieutenant Governor. In some cases, they may also be appointed by the State Legislature. Their job is to act as a witness to the signing process of different legal documents. They are there to confirm the identity of the person signing the document. A notary public cannot offer any legal advice or prepare legal documents, with a few exceptions such as Puerto Rico and Louisiana.

Offices that deal with documents which need notarization such as, law offices, auto dealerships, lenders, insurance brokers, and health care providers, often employ a notary public. However, it is not feasible for individuals to employ a notary public and this is where a mobile notary service comes in to play.

How Can a Raleigh Mobile Notary Help You?

All individuals need a notary public at some point in time because it is mandatory for many transactions and legal documents to be notarized in North Carolina. Finding a reputable notary public can be time-consuming especially when you need one with short notice. If you don’t already have a notary public on your staff, or if it's a holiday, weekend, after-hours, or any other time you need documents notarized, then a mobile notary service is for you. Raleigh Mobile Notary will travel to your location and at a time that is suitable for you, saving you precious time and money.

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Raleigh Mobile Notary can be wherever you are. Whether it's right down the street or on the other side of the state, give us a call anytime, and we'll take care of all your notary needs.

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